Non Surgical Skin Tightening

As we age we lose volume in our face, primarily fat. As a result skin can hang down causing droopiness, wrinkles and bands. This can be thought of as excess skin and is similar in concept to a dress that becomes too large as its owner loses weight. In cases where you have a significant amount of this loose skin, you may find no other solution than plastic surgery (e.g. facelift, body lift, arm lift, etc.) because the underlying muscles need to be addressed and repositioned.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening
Prior to deciding on surgery, people tend to ask medical experts for alternatives. Techniques on how to tighten skin without undergoing surgery include:

Dermal Fillers:
• can soften the shadowing that occurs around your nasolabial fold and facial creases, thus making the jowls and cheek folds appear less prominent.  Fillers act like inflating a beach ball to address the pockets and bulges. For example, by using a filler to restore volume to the cheeks, you can lessen the appearance of the jowls to some extent.
• There are a number of Skin Tightening Devices or machines used in medical offices that tighten skin such as infrared light (IR) to tighten the skin and non-ablative radiofrequency energy (RF)
• A doctor may suggest you rejuvenate skin with Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Tightening skin with cosmetic surgery
Many doctors believe a combination of treatments (surgical and nonsurgical) get the best tightening results